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Guinot Facial Treatments

Hydradermie Youth 60’ – £70.00

The Advanced Complexion Rejuvenating Treatment

Achieve immediate results with Guinot’s latest revolutionary treatment which provides the alternative to aesthetic medicine. Using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy, this patented technology encourages the cellular energy in the skin which beautifully enhances and spectacularly rejuvenates the complexion. This unique treatment, with a variety of bespoke variations to suit your skin type and concerns allows you to achieve exceptional visible results after just one treatment.


HYDRADERMIE Youth Age Logic 70’ – £85.00

The Anti-Aging Star Treatment

Clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth by up to 49.5% in independent clinical trial results, this specially designed anti-ageing Hydradermie facial focuses on the eyes, face and neck to target signs of ageing.


Hydradermie Youth Lift 60’ – £70.00

The Advanced Complexion Lifting Treatment

We can’t fight against time, but we can reduce the effects of time on the skin. This effective lifting treatment stimulates the facial muscles using a low frequency current which causes a toning action, stimulating the muscle fibres in the skin leaving a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance to the complexion.


Hydradermie Youth Lift Express 30’ – £45.00

The Express Treatment

For those who are in a hurry and need quick result, this treatment includes cleansing and muscle stimulation restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.


Hydradermie Youth Lift Deluxe 75’ – £90.00

The ultimate Lifting Treatment

A combination of Hydradermie Age Logic and the Hydradermie Lift will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Experience an immediate lifting treatment through the stimulation of the muscles, lifting the face, adding firmness and leaving an overall younger appearance to the face, neck and eye area.


Hydradermie Youth Eye Logic 40’ – £45.00

The Instant Eye Repair Treatment

This unique treatment targets signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area, including fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Energise the eyes with this 3 stage Eye Logic to drain and decongest using an expert combination of machine technology, a specific hands-on massage and specially designed eye mask soaked in a concentrated skin repair serum to smooth an hydrate.


Hydradermie  60′ -£ 60.00

A star treatment

This treatment is similar to the New “Hydradermie Youth” but using the older machine “Hydradermie2” we are keeping this treatment as many of you love and know this treatment, using double ionisation technology combined with high frequency and active ingredients, results in exceptional effectiveness.


Hydraclean Cleansing Facial 30’ – £38.00

The Deep Cleansing Facial

Designed to deeply cleanse the skin, this 30 minute treatment uses a unique combination of hands- on massage and the Thermoclean patented heated device to rid the skin of its impurities, whilst also warming and relaxing the skin. Following the cleanse, a personalised massage is performed leaving the skin instantly brighter and clearer, with a radiant complexion.


Age Summum 50’ – £80.00

The Ultimate Anti-Aging treatment

The pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments, Age Summum, uses pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Pro- Collage to target the signs of ageing. Active ingredients are penetrated into the skin using the exclusive Age Summum anti-ageing facial massage. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skins youthful radiance is restored.


Hydra Peeling 45’ – £70.00

The Radiance Peeling Treatment

Hydra peeling is a skin rejuvenating treatment with two peeling options that are adjusted and prescribed based on the client’s beauty goals and level of sensitivity. This revolutionary skin renewal treatment even enables clients with sensitive skin to enjoy the benefits of an enhanced cellular regeneration peel. hydra Peeling is a unique alternative to aesthetic medicine that erases visilble signs of aging, brightens skin tone and diminishes dark spots.


Aromatic 45’ – £50.00

The Beauty Treatment with Essential Oils

Powered by essential oils, this luxurious treatment uses carefully selected plant concentrates to bring natural beauty to your skin. The natural treatment method combines the benefits of aromatherapy with unique massaging techniques to fill your skin with energy. Concluding with the Aromatic mask, your skin is restored to its natural radiance.


Dermalogica Facial Treatments

ProSkin 30 30’ £35.00

Our customised treatment targeting your key concerns for maximum impact in minimum time, this treatment which is time tailored around key concerns and uses a unique modular approach for those who have just 30 minutes.


ProSkin 60 60’ £60.00

The ultimate treatment, different every time, customised with advanced products, techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation. The ideal choice if you would like comprehensive treatment to address all skin concerns and achieve radiant, healthy skin.


Expert Active 45’ £55.00

An intensive IonActive system with the latest in treatment technology powered up for skin revitalisation by stimulating the skin using Ion Active ingredients to deliver smooth polished amazing skin.



BIOTEC facial treatments are where ground-breaking technology meets active ingredients and transformative touch. The pioneering innovation of the BIOTEC machine, works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Technology turbo-charges touch. The clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energised skin.


30’ 40.00 | 60’ £70.00

BIOTEC Line Eraser

Target wrinkles and energise the skin towards optimum performance with microcurrent pulses combined with red and blue light therapy. A powerfully rejuvenating clinically proven facial treatment that will effectively iron out wrinkles and fill out lines.

BIOTEC Anti-Pigment Brightener

This illuminating treatment dynamically tackles the appearance of uneven skin tone, discouloration and age spots A unique complex of brightening actives, ultrasonic peel and light therapy reveal a youthful and translucent complexion.

BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer

For a refined, even skin tone, a revolutionary facial that uses an ultrasonic peel, massage, and light therapy resulting in the smoothest skin imaginable. The ultrasonic peel reveals a noticeably smoother complexion using a combination of Lactic and Hyaluronic acids, Sandalwood, Thyme and Lemon oils. Steam and extraction deeply cleanse and detoxify before massage and light therapy restores equilibrium for a healthier skin.


30’ 40.00 | 60’ – £70.00

BIOTEC Radiance Renew 

A powerful antidote for dull and tired skin, this cellular- boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions for radiant, visibly brighter skin. BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother

Oxygen infusion and red light therapy improve the skin’s ability to repair itself. Calmness is restored and skin is soothed.

BIOTEC Blemish Control

Detoxify and repair damaged tissue with this thourgh and deep cleansing facial leaving 

Add on BIOTEC Treatments

30’ – £30.00

Add- On BIOTEC Eye Treatment

Tighten the delicate eye area with targeted technology.

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkle Depth
  • Ageing 

Add-on BIOTEC Neck Treatment

30′ – £30.00

Remind the muscles to firm up with microcurrent.

  • Lifts
  • Smoothes
  • Firms

Elemis Touch Anti Ageing

30’ – £35.00 | 60’ – £55.00

Pro collagen Age Defy

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles for beautiful nourished, younger looking skin.

Pro Definition Lift and Contour

The lifting and contouring facial that delivers a profoundly sculpted effect.
Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

The powerful resurfacing treatment to target dull skin and tone and the signs of aging.

White Brightining Pigment Perfector

Target areas of pigmentation and redness to colour correct and deliver an illumination complexing.

Elemis Touch Skin Solutions

30′ -£ 35.00 | 60′ – £55.00

Super food Pro-Radiance

This is a crafted nutritional boost for stressed, dull skin. Rich in superfoods, essential minerals and trace elements: Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A and E from a mineral army to jump start tired and exhausted skin. An amino active mask helps restore lost moisture, deeply nourish, detox and pack the skin with powerful, energising nutrients. Skin is left smoother, plumper and luminously radiant-stress-free and lit up with good health. 
Sensitive Skin Soother

Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm

Mattify and combat oil and shine whilst restoring micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment which leaves skin bright and clear. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clearer, bright skin.


Elemis Coture Touch Package

Face and Body combination 60’ – £65.00

Condition your skin and relax your muscles with this all embracing experience. Combine any ELEMIS touch 30 minute facial with your personalised Freestyle Deep Tissue back, neck and shoulder Massage


Elemis Mind, Body and Soul Ritual

An entire ritual for mind, body and spirit. Body brushing, an exotic Lime and Ginger scrub with a massage and a  minute Elemis facial.


Face and Body 90’ – £95.00


Korres Natural Products Treatment

From its origins at Athens’ first homeopathic pharmacy, Korres earned its reputation as a source of herbal remedies. In response to customer demand, the herbal ingredients soon found their way in to Korres skincare products using high quality active ingredients.

Wild Rose Natural Skincare Brightening Facial 45’ – £50.00

Visible brilliance treatment for environmentally stressed skin showing dullness and lack of radiance using the Wild Rose face care range containing high quantities of Vitamin C. This is an essential ingredient for a bright, glowing, revitalised skin along with a relaxing pressure point facial massage.


Eminence Organic Skin Care 

 Hungary with 50 years in the business with Eminence Organic skin care  45’ – £50.00 


30′ – £35.00 | 60′ – £60.00

At Elia Beauty we use a method of microdermabrasion using Diamond tipped wands which are used instead of abrasive crystal  particles which have an impact on the environment with disposal of microbeads. Diamond Resurfacing microdermabrasion is a deeply effective way to renew your skin and give a more radiant looking glow. It is one of the least disruptive treatments to the skin, combined with LED light therapy it offers an amazing anti-ageing treatment.

  • Gives skin a luminous glow
  • Lackluster skin is given a helping hand 
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells
  • Stimulates collagen production

LED Facial Chromatherapy Treatment

LED treatments have a powerful effect when used in combination with any of our facials or can be a treatment on its own.

Facial Rejuvenation 30’ – £30.00
Add on treatment to facials 10’  | £10.00  or 20′ | £20.00

A completely natural method of light-only skin rejuvenation which stimulates the body’s own natural process to counteract the effects of aging and to enhance the effect of skin care products. Break through technology based on NASA showing that certain frequencies of light colour from LED allow us to significantly increase new tissue growth, stimulate collagen, provide a lifting and hydrating effect, an improvement in skin tone and texture, a balancing of pigmentation, a smoothing of fine lines, cooling calming with acne healing and a feeling of well being and relaxation. By stimulating cells responsible for tissue repair, the light therapy treatment causes a production of collagen which aids in smoothing wrinkles and gives the affect of a more youthful appearance.

  • Improves elasticity and blood circulation
  • Oxygen flow to release toxins
  • Anti- Ageing | Stimulates collage production
  • LED has no ultraviolet wavelengths and cannot damage skin
  • Skin cells regenerate
  • No down time or side effects
  • Ideal with Peels, Microdermabrassion and facial toning


All Facial Treatments may be bought as a course of 6 Treatments you will pay for 5 and receive 1 Free, (payment to be made at start of course)





Laura G, West End Glasgow

The Latest body treatment from Guinot TechniSpa is fantastic the first treatment I have tried and with noticable results, smoother, slimmer legs and tummy flatter.

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Nikki, West End , Glasgow

"This is the best salon that I have been to for beauty treatments. Jacqui is excellent and really spends time on you. There are loads of fantastic treatments to try. I would definitely recommend Elia beauty"

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Margo, Glasgow

"When I have had facials in the past, before I met Jacqui my skin was always irritated and red after a facial. Since I started coming to Elia Beauty to have treatments with Jacqui I always leave with my skin looking much improved, she is very professional and I wouldn't ...

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