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Guinot TECHNISPA Advanced Treatment  

Innovative slimming treatment method with quick results thanks to:

  • Double Dermo Lipo-Aspiration In just one technical movement, the massage handle performs two slimming movements. Lipo-aspiration draws in the skin so that two folds of skin appear, doubling the treatment’s effectiveness in the same treatment time with this patented system.
  • Slimming Double Ionisation The double ionisation technique increases the absorption and circulation of active ingredients contained in the ACTI-SERUMS, thereby increasing the treatment’s effectiveness.
  • Slimming Thermal Effect The heat-diffusing process softens fat on the skin’s surface and increases the skin’s microcirculation to facilitate detoxification.

 With the new TechniSPA Advanced System, you can now reshape your figure, and reduce cellulite, with visible results from day one. Choose from one of the following  unique treatments to help refine and tone your silhouette with long lasting results.


Slimming | Anti Cellulite Treatment 45’ £60.00

Anti Cellulite Slimming Treatment

This multi-action slimming treatment refines the silhouette whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite. Clinical trial results show an instant slimming effect in the treated areas, with 92% of women observing visible reduction in cellulite.

Active  Acti-serum:  Diffuses – Relieves – Eliminates – Tones

  • Bromelain – Perforates connective tissue around stubborn cellulite to allow absorption of active ingredients
  • Caffeine – Burns and removes fat and reduces absorption of fat
  • Cellulysium – Minimizes the storage of fats – favours the elimination of lipids
  • Horse Chestnut – Stimulates microcirculation

Thermo- Relax Firming Treatment 45’ £60.00

The Ultimate Firming Body Treatment

Clinically proven to improve thigh firmness after the first treatment, this firming treatment tones and smoothes the skin whilst re-sculpting the figure. Experience complete relaxation whilst still achieving visible results.

Active Acti- serum: Restructures & Firms – Tones – Smoothes -Renews

  • Crelasine B – Stimulates Collagen – Improves skin Elasticity
  • Alaria Esculenta (seaweed)  Combats skin slackening
  • Lotus Flower – Softens and Soothes
  • Cellular Life Complex – 56 cutting edge active ingredients that favour epidermal cell renewal


Targeted Slimming 30’ £45.00

An Area to Target and Get Results

Targeted treatment depending on concerns. Speak with your Therapist for a personalised prescription.


Light Legs 30’ £45.00

The Ultimate Soothing Legs Treatment

Designed to decongest the targeted areas, experience a sensation of lightness and rejuvenation with this refreshing treatment. The draining action removes toxins from the body, with 100% of women observing a detoxifying effect and feeling of lightness and freshness.

Active Acti-Serum: Detoxifies – Refreshes – Lightens – Restructures and Firms

  • Red Vine – improves Circulation
  • Menthol – Refreshes Skin – Reduces feeling of Discomfort
  • Camphor – Boosts Blood Circulation 
  • Crelastine B – Improves skin’s Elasticity

Body Cellulite and Slimming Treatments

Starvac PSE Lymphatic- Anti Cellulite

30’ £35.00

Reshape – Activate – Recover

Pressotherapy is a mechanical method of drainage that allows moving excess toxins by boosting the circulation and in particular cellulite therapy. As a real source of well-being pressure therapy also helps to reduce muscle joint pain and has a recognised relaxing effect after intensive sporting activity. Cellulite can be treated by stimulating the circulation of lymph, the elimination of toxins carrying away fatty deposits is achieved more efficiently.





 Slimming & Firming Manual Treatments

Aromatic Body Polish

30’ – £30.00
Aromatic body polish is an exfoliation treatment using the Sugar Kiwi Body Scrub which removes dead skin cells, enabling the skin to breathe, thus becoming fully receptive to the skin care products applied after giving the skin a smooth, soft velvet feel.


Back Rejuvenation with collagen mask and LED Light session

30’ – £30.00

Back skin goes through the normal process of skin aging, where the skin thins and becomes less elastic. The texture becomes less smooth, this treatment will resurface and refine the back skin to look and feel fresh and boost the collage and elastin in the skin.


Thermal Therapy Back Purification with LED Therapy

30’ – £30.00

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deeply cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, readying skin for the removal of toxins. Your hardest parts to reach will be cleansed, polished and refreshed. Followed with LED skin rejuvenation treatment on your back.

Holistic foot Ritual exfoliation and thermal massage

30’ – £30.00

An intensive foot treatment with exfoliation, combined with deeply nourishing products to repair, replenish and condition your feet with a Thai Reflex foot massage followed with a personalised paraffin wax thermal treatment mask. You will feel light and refreshed feet.

Hand Rejuvenation Anti Age Thermal Ritual

30’ – £30.00

Pure pampering for your hands, this treatment is designed to make your hands look good and feel soft and silky. We exfoliate to refresh the skin and apply a hydrating oil  and perform a reflex hand and arm massage followed with a paraffin treatment mask.



Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage

30’ £40.00 | 60’ £60.00

Find total relaxation with basalt river stones bathed in Fragipani Monoi Body Oil to relieve tension and stress. The blood and lymphatic system of the body is boosted to regenerate and revitalise the body and target areas of tension. The result is sparkling vitality with the added bonus of intensely hydrated skin with a balance of the mind, body and soul.

Aroma Relax Massage

30’ £22.00 | 60’ £40.00

A light pressure body massage using the highest quality of pure plant extract essential oils blended to suit your individual needs, to detox, de stress or relax. This treatment is recommended to restore your body’s natural equilibrium and nurture the mind, body and spirit




Laura G, West End Glasgow

The Latest body treatment from Guinot TechniSpa is fantastic the first treatment I have tried and with noticable results, smoother, slimmer legs and tummy flatter.

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Nikki, West End , Glasgow

"This is the best salon that I have been to for beauty treatments. Jacqui is excellent and really spends time on you. There are loads of fantastic treatments to try. I would definitely recommend Elia beauty"

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Margo, Glasgow

"When I have had facials in the past, before I met Jacqui my skin was always irritated and red after a facial. Since I started coming to Elia Beauty to have treatments with Jacqui I always leave with my skin looking much improved, she is very professional and I wouldn't ...

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